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Founded in 2014, Minor to Major is a project created with the sole purpose of providing children and young musicians with the opportunity to learn and perform together to gain experience, knowledge and pleasure from playing. Musicianship often has the stigma attached to it of being elitist due to the costs associated including with the need for expensive instruments, books and tuition - but we are looking to change that. We are offering the opportunity to learn and play music with professional, qualified teachers; all without the financial burden that goes along with it. 


Established by music professionals, the project offers a rich environment for learning and performing, delivered with enthusiasm and passion. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect balance between providing enough structure so the children learn and feel safe, whilst providing enough freedom so they express their creativity and start to feel challenged. 

Will Peters


Joe Hamlen

Assistant Director

Ella Polczyk-Przybyla

Woodwind and Vocals

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Claire Hamlen


Mike Cooper

Drums and Percussion

Danny White

Bass and Brass

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I have been working on this project for the last five years. With experience in playing, writing, and directing all types of music and having worked with children of all ages, I have devised this project with the aim of providing high quality music tuition to all youngsters, in a tailor made environment, to give them the best means of achieving their full potential! I aim to bring young musicians together under the guidance of enthusiastic, energetic and gifted professionals to enrich their musical experience and encourage a lifelong love of music.

Will Peters


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