Don't take it from us

Here are some reviews and experiences our parents and children have shared with us about our previous projects.

Kids Comments

These are always enjoyable to read. The only amendments have been correcting spellings, so yes, that is what they really said!

The small group pieces was my favourite activity because I got to work with new people and make new friends.

9.75 / 10

I enjoyed doing the drumming because it's different to the clarinet. 9 / 10

They give us the biggest variety of stuff to do! 9.5 / 10

I like splitting into different sections because usually the strings get the tune a lot but when we separate other instruments get to play the tune! 9.9 / 10

I have enjoyed playing the floor drums because I don't get to do that usually. I have also liked playing Danse Macabre because it is very dramatic! 9.9 / 10

I loved playing the Hanz Zimmer piece as he is one of my favourite composers. I also like getting to make new friends. 2,356,163,925 / 10

The conducting was the best because you got to be in charge of the leaders and tell them how the music should go!

10 / 10

I have enjoyed making the music for our Quest because you get to make up what notes you play. 9 / 10

I like playing Wallace and Gromit in an orchestra because I get to hear all the other instruments around me. 9.999999999999 / 10

I enjoyed composing our own music because I get to use my flute in a different way. 10 / 10

The singing was the best because I love singing harmonies and hearing people's voices sound together. 11 / 10

Parents Feedback

Just as important as our attendees feedback is that of our parents!

We took an average from all our parent feedback over 5 years and here's what they had to say:

I feel my child has enjoyed the project - 5 / 5

I feel they have learnt a lot and have improved - 4.5 / 5

I feel the activities provided were suitable for my child's ability - 4.7 / 5

I feel the project has been good value for money - 4.9 / 5

My daughter loved it from start to finish - I couldn't be happier.

Extremely engaging for our child who was eager to attend each day. We were blown away by the high energy and professionalism of the final day performances by the children.

Another absolutely brilliant week with some real variety of music and lots of stretch in a safe supportive environment. A real sense of achievement at the end of the week.

Collecting my kids was wonderful, they were buzzing from their day. They loved it, and I loved it!

My children have really enjoyed this course, more than I expected to be honest!

The team are very enthusiastic about their own music specialisms and this really comes through. It is great for the children to see this.

Amazed by the variety of musical experiences and how much can be achieved in a four-day course.

All of it was great, but the choir was particularly good, with well selected songs. The concert at the end is a lovely session for us to hear them and the children to be proud of their achievements.

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the week and couldn't wait to get there each day! She loved the range of activities and experiences on offer. I would go with her conclusion 'if only the club ran more frequently'.

Dedicated and inspiring tutors with fantastic facilities. What they can achieve after just two days is incredible.

Just perfect.

My daughter really enjoyed the project. She found it inspiring and it definitely boosted her confidence. She looked so happy all through the performance!

We were very pleased and happy to see our daughter having regained a new confidence and desire in terms of wanting to learn anything to do with music. By getting children enthusiastic about music you have achieved a great deal.

When I asked my son whether he would attend another course like this his response was "I've so enjoyed it, I'd go again tomorrow" Speaks for itself really! Thank you for a super week and for encouraging and supporting a passion for music. Your team have been fantastic.

He loved the week, made new friends and gained a lot of confidence. The end show was really professional and left me with a lump in my throat.

The final production was a pleasure to watch, with some very memorable performances both from individuals and the ensemble.

My daughter enjoyed the week and performance enormously, led by an incredible, friendly, engaged, and professional team.