• Ella Polczyk

The Riff Off!


How to play The Riff Off!

How to make the game:

· Print out the board game and the riff cards

· Carefully cut out the riff cards, or ask a grown up to help you

· Place all the riff cards face down in the middle of the board

What you will need to play:

· 2-4 players

· A pencil and rubber each

· 1 Dice

· A counter each (could use a button!)

Aim of the game!

To complete as many riffs as possible! The game finishes when all of the riffs have been completed, the player with the most completed riffs wins.

What does each square on the board mean?

1. START - This is where all players will place their counters to begin.

2. Receive 3 A’s - If you land on this square you can write up to 3 of the note stated on the board onto your riff card. Fill in the boxes on the riff card that corresponds with your note, for example, note 1= box 1. If you only need 1 of that note, just write one in.

3. Miss a turn - Uh oh! Miss your go and the next player rolls.

4. Rub out a note and give it to another player - Uh oh! If you land on this square, pick any note from your riff card that you have already written in, rub it out and give that note to another player. If no other player needs that note you still have to rub it out!

5. Change direction - If you land on this square, ALL PLAYERS must change the direction their counters move around the board.

6. Take 2 notes from any player - WOO! If you land on this square, pick 2 notes that you would like to take from any other player(s). For example, you could take 1 note from two different players, or 2 notes from one player. You can ask the question ‘Player 1, do you have an E that I can take.’ Etc.

7. Swap your Riff with another player - This could be good or bad! Hand over your riff and receive your opponent’s riff to complete.

8. Receive 3 of any note - WOO! You can now pick 3 of any ONE note. Not three different ones.

Now you're all set... Click the image below to play!

Created by Ella Polczyk-Przybyla

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