Writing A Melody

Pick out a simple tune, with rhythm!

Whether you're a world class musician or just starting out, writing your own melodies can often prove to be a difficult task. To help get you started, we have created a mixture of activities to help you to begin writing your own tunes for your own instruments.

Available in Treble, Bass, and Alto Clefs, ranging from beginner to advanced.

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Things To Consider

When melodies change notes they can move in one of two ways; by step (next door notes), or by leaps/jumps (notes further away). When writing your melodies, think about how you can use a mixture of different gaps (intervals) between notes.

Once you've written all the notes, try adding some dynamics (loud and quiet) and articulation (smooth and detached)

Writing Melodies Beginner Treble Clef
Download PD • 239KB
Writing Melodies Beginner Bass Clef
Download PDF • 242KB
Writing a Melody Advanced - Treble Clef
Download • 912KB
Writing a Melody Advanced - Bass Clef
Download PD • 912KB
Writing a Melody Advanced - Alto Clef
Download PD • 912KB

Happy Writing!

Written by Will Peters


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